Welcome to the personal Homepage of Andrew Sporner

I am a software engineer by trade (specializing in C programming, FreeBSD/Linux/*nix). I also develop applications using a custom designed framework. I am originally from North Central Indiana. In my career i have been fortunate to have been in many places around the world. It was during my tenure at Network Engines in New England that I told my superior that i was ready for a new challenge. I said, "Germany" and he said, "Go EAST! Young man! I spent the next 14 years there, first as an employee of two German companies and then after nearly six years, founding my own business. I returned in 2015 and now reside in Southeastern Michigan.

My hobbies and interests are: Drumming, Analog Photography (I maintain a darkroom), repair of antique electronic equipment (tube type), Ham Radio and the upkeep of a small hobby farm. I am a history buff as well, especially as it applies to first generation computers (such as the one behind me in the photo)

In the past I have sung with German choirs (Link Here) and I am fluent in the German language and understand some of the southern dialects. I have also played in several orchestras during my stay there including: